18 January 2014

Japan Accommodation - Young Inn Matsue

Moved: Young Inn, Matsue


  1. There are no showers on the overnight ferry to Kyushu either. What's that all about? It's not like it would cost more to let people decide when they shower... I also think morning showers are better in summer especially , because I sweat an insane amount when I sleep (Hmmm very attractive). Although, that bedspread is special. Possibly worth not showering.

    1. That sucks about the overnight ferry too.

      The bedspread is special, as is the wallpaper panelling.

    2. Japanese trains stink in the morning. Summer and winter. Sorry, but it's true. I'm not suggesting any comparative thing here, but I have to commute by train in Tokyo presently, and stink the trains do. Now they do stink evenings in Toronto, but not mornings very much. To be even-handed I surmise it is a bunch of factors: more people in a small under-ventilated space, little morning bathing, more people in dry-clean clothes, more men who smoke, and more functional alcoholics sweating out the previous night. Being more judgmental: clothes not dry-cleaned often enough, poor dental hygiene among the men (dental abscess stink!) at least, and I cannot believe by the stench that every middle-aged man never skips his evening shower. I am cursed with a sensitive nose.

      And no showers for the Gaijin in the morning? Well that just goes with the per-person room rate, car-rental double the cost of the US (in an automobile producing nation!) and frankly a lot of tawdry tourist attractions apart from a very few locations, not to mention what they have done to scenery with concrete, wires and cedar plantations. I won't suggest anyone cross an ocean to come here.

    3. To be fair, I guess Japanese couldn't shower in the morning either, I just assumed it's gaijin would would want to. I booked off the Japanese language Rakuten site (but used the hostelworld link because it's in English).

      There are some beautiful spots in Japan. I thought Kochi was amazing and where I travelled around Matsue and Hagi had some gorgeous, unspoilt beaches. They are places along way from Tokyo and not on the tourist/shinkansen route.

      I hate the smell of drycleaning, it's one of those things that can trigger a headache in me. The worst offenders here of a morning are from overcleaning, well over perfuming. Especially the heavy vanilla perfumes.


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