10 May 2010

5 Things I Love About Japan:

There are many, many things I love about Japan but these may possibly be my top five.

1. Sakurai Sho

Not just sexy but smart and incredibly funny.  I love this guy.  I love that he is a rapper and an idol and a newscaster.  Not just that but he can go from being all smart and sexy reading the news on one tv show to having the nipples cut out of his tee-shirt in a punishment game half hour later.

I love that he fails so often but always wins.  I love his really bad puns. He makes me think that if being a fan girl is wrong, I never want to be right.

2. Trains

When I'm in Japan, I can see why people become train nerds.  Japanese trains are so much superior to Australian trains.  For starters, they are on time.  OMG yes!

Also people STFU on the trains.  They don't jibber-jabber on, talking on their mobile phones about what they are going to cook for dinner and other crap that fills your ears up to bursting point.  People send texts or just general be quiet.  They do that so that other people can sleep.

3. Ramen

Ramen is like the greatest food known to man.  If you are sad, it makes you happy.  If you are tired, it comforts you.  It is like a big blanket of yummy warmth to grab around yourself.  I've tried to make ramen at home but never quite succeeded.  I will keep on trying though.

The absolute best bit about ramen is the eggs.  I don't know what they do to the eggs - I think they hard boil them then marinate them in soy and mirin - but they are super extra good.

4. Karaoke

Sure there is karaoke in Australia but it's crap karaoke.  You go to a bar full of strangers and get given a ratty, dog-eared, torn list of songs to pick from.  Then you have to wait around all night for your turn while you are listening to other shit singers. 

In Japan, you have a private room.  There's no waiting for a turn (well except if your friends hog it), there's a modernified electronic song selecting touch pad thingo and, best of all, there's an intercom where you can holler for more drinks! 

Sometimes you even get a tamborine.

5. Random Adventures

Sure you can have random adventures anywhere but I seem to have more than my fair share in Japan.  Maybe because I talk to more random stangers, maybe because I go out more.  Who knows?

So what is your favourite place in the world and what do you love about it?