30 November 2012

Japanese Priorities

The media in Japan is predicting a voter turnout of 200,000* people less than usual for this election because voting day is the same day Arashi concert goods go on sale in Tokyo.

I'd like to be dismissive and say people should care more about democratic processes blah, blah, blah but seriously, if I had the choice between voting for a PM who is just another grey-faced carbon copy of the last or of buying an OHNO SATOSHI UCHIWA, I know which one I'd pick.

The awesome is awesome!
Sure you could go to vote and then go to the goods line at Tokyo Dome but there is a possiblity that the limited edition Arashi headphone jack or the Arashi towel** or the Arashi hand mirror might SELL OUT.  The government has already sold out so who cares?

If the government really cared about voter turn out, I think they should contact Johnny's Entertainment before setting the date.  Or put a polling booth at Tokyo Dome.

NOTE: Please don't think I'm trying to be ironic or tongue-in-cheek about this.  I really would go to the Arashi goods line rather than vote.  In fact, I am dying a little bit inside that I cannot fly to Japan for this concert! 

If you are not voting and wanting to spend some time hanging around chicks all day, you could always go along and buy me some goods :) 

Or maybe you have a couple of grand stashed away that you really need to get rid of... so I can go to the concert and buy my own goods...

*200,000 = people going to the concert that day, people not going to the concert that day who are not going to the concert but want to get in early to buy goods and people who have travelled to Tokyo for the concert on other nights and can't be stuffed doing absentee votes.

** No, 4 Arashi towels are NOT enough.