All opinions expressed on this blog are mine.  I do not and have never accepted products or cash in exchange for reviews.  I do not run sponsored posts. I do not monetise my blog.  I actually think the word "monetise" is pox.

If I say I like something, it is my honest opinion on a product I have bought myself.  If I say I hate something, you can be damn sure I hate it.  I believe that it is difficult to write an unbiased opinion on something you receive for free.  Of course you are going to look favourably on something you get for free.

I have never received clothes, holidays, make up or any other thing I mention on my blog.  I work to get the money to buy it.  If I like it or really hate it, I enjoy telling others about it.

I will at times try to refer people to sites so I can get a referral fee in order to support my addiction to pretty polka dot dress and I have affiliate links to Amazon. 

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  1. I am catching up on blog posts and I just want to say I LOVE THIS.


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