23 January 2014

Japan Accommodation Review - Orange Hotel, Hagi


  1. I wonder how frightened the mascot would be if I ran up to hug it. I just have to hug mascots when I see them! Which is far better than the folks who have the urge to beat up or remove the heads of mascots. Your dinner sounds like a good deal, I will have to remember Lonely Planet. I tend to use Yelp but I am not sure if that covers places that are in Japan. I should check.

    1. I am terrified of anything with its head covered in costume so I didn't go near it. Also with this guy, I think he had a few minders because he was being filmed.

      I usualy use wikitravel when I'm travelling but their eating recommendations can be crap because it's only the English speaking places in town. Actually, for eating, I usually use the walk around until I find somewhere method, but it was hard in Hagi because I couldn't find much near my hotel.

  2. That mascot is a pretty good one, I mean, he's no Kumamon, but you know... That dinner sounds amazing, I love when you get tasters of a few sakes, I never know which one is good otherwise. Your recaps have definitely got me thinking about visiting that area.


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