14 December 2013

Japan Accommodation - Beppu Arc Inn - and other Beppu stories

Moved: Beppu Arc Inn


  1. that ferry terminal is probably a good 25 minute walk from where you were. Damn.
    On a good note, I remembered your Arashi bracelet so email me your address to gaijinwife at gmail dot com and I'll get it in the post on Tuesday :) Was fabulous concert - despite having to wait three hours in wind, rain, snow, thunder and lightening for bloody 'goods'. Got the fur embossed shopping bag for self and of course the all important pen light - which used for rowd FUNKY dance, during which I only fucked up the 'wave' once. Huurah.

    1. You are awesome!

      Wow, that's a long wait. We were lucky in Sapporo - well, we went first thing in the morning in case there were huge lines. The funky dance is heaps of fun isn't it :)

      I ended up getting a cab to the ferry. I didn't realise at the other end it was so far to the train station either and started walking then an old guy told me it was 5km and directed me to a cab place :)

  2. That Hippo got me....i had absolutely no idea wtf I was looking at

  3. The access to wifi is sometimes the deciding factor when I have a toss up between two places. Having been lied to and then laughed I would have been quite miffed and probably wrote up a nasty, negative review on Yelp or Travelocity or whatever place it was listed.

    If you make it back to South Korea before I go there I would love to read up on where you stay there. 2015 is when I am shooting for, unless I end up taking a travel detour to watch the Solar Eclipse in Faroes Islands.

    1. I should go back and leave a negative review but I think most of their guests were Japanese businessmen.

      I hope I get back to South Korea. I loved Seoul when I went - much cheaper than Japan and better coffee :) Last time I stayed at a backpackers. I had my own room but I had to go through the dorm room to get access plus we all had to share the bathroom so it was a bit of a pain. On the plus side, it was a great location + cheap + really friendly. There was a nice courtyard downstairs so you could grab a beer or two from the convenience store then sit and have a chat with the other guests when you get home from sightseeing. Also lots of good, cheap food places.

      I stayed near Myeongdong which is a huge shopping area but it was far enough away to be reasonably quiet.


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