27 October 2013

Hotel Review - Grand Park Hotel Panex Tokyo

Moved: Grand Park Hotel Panex


  1. Food is a very important when I travel. I like hotels that offer breakfast, even if it's just fruit, pastries and coffee/juice. Something to get me up and going is perfect.

    This "(ie. the rooms didn't smell of jizz)" reminded me of my days working at the adult bookstore. This is exactly how the video booths smelled. YUCK.

  2. Yes, funny how you need a different kind of hotel for flopping in, to the kind you'd use as a base for sightseeing. Mind you, food is always a crucial matter!

  3. I never bother with hotels that serve breakfast here. Miso soup for brekkie makes me feel a bit pukey. Not the best start to the day. A decent airport hotel makes all the difference, I usually fly out of Kansai, but I'll make a note of this one in case I fly out of Tokyo in the future.

    1. I love the whole miso, natto and rice combination. I had kushi-katsu for brekkie in Osaka. That was a bit dodgy... plus I was the only one in the place not drinking - at 10.00 am.


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